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What we do

Talking with the community

NRAR’s stakeholders are the people and groups that could affect or be affected by our activities. Here you will find how we’re engaging with them and the broader community.

How we talk with the community

NRAR is committed to interacting with our stakeholders and the community in a way that is:

  • open and transparent. This is important to protect the integrity of NRAR’s work and encourage trust and genuine engagement.
  • respectful and attentive. We listen to and acknowledge the perspective of our stakeholders to encourage a two-way relationship.
  • responsible and timely. We see every interaction with our stakeholders as significant and will always try to respond to questions or requests quickly.

Implementation and responsibility

NRAR’s stakeholder engagement strategy aims to inform, consult, involve, collaborate with and empower NRAR’s stakeholders. This fits with the guidelines developed by the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2).

Stakeholder engagement strategy

Our stakeholders are the individuals and groups that could affect or be affected by our activities. Find out more about the work we do with the community in our stakeholder engagement strategy.

Upcoming events

NRAR meets and consults with NSW water users on a regular basis. Find an upcoming event near you.

NRAR officer at events


Here you will find more on the campaigns created to help water users become voluntarily compliant.


CRO Speeches

NRAR’s Chief Regulatory Officer Grant Barnes regularly visits NRAR field staff across the state and meets with major stakeholders.

CRO Speeches