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NRAR's Know the Rules campaign

The Natural Resources Access Regulator’s (NRAR) Know the Rules campaign is focused on helping water users understand how they can access and use water, while following the rules of the Water Management Act 2000 and other relevant legislation.

The Know the Rules campaign will feature a series of short videos, supported by fact sheets and other information.

Everyone knowing the rules – and following them - ensures water is shared fairly between all users and the environment.

Licences and approvals

Water access licences and approvals provide water users with essential information about how much water they can take, when they can take it, what conditions apply and any other requirements they need to follow.

This video shows how to find a water access licence and approval on the NSW Water Register located on the WaterNSW website.

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Non-urban water metering

The water metering laws in NSW are changing and it’s important to know the rules.

This video includes the upcoming metering rollout dates and locations. It also provides important information on requirements to help you on the pathway to compliance.

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