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Water metering

Compliance rates: 2020 group

These are the pumps across NSW that are 500mm and above. They had to install accurate meters and independently certified intelligence devices by 1 December 2020. These meters must be able to transmit water take directly to a central database.

We have audited this group. We inspected 547 active pumps in the 2020 group. Those who had already complied with the rules received a letter of thanks. Those who hadn’t met the requirements got advisory letters, legal directions to comply or fines.

Sixty-nine per cent are now compliant with the new rules. Importantly, more than 80 per cent of the pumps we inspected in this group are now connected to accurate meters that have been independently certified.  It is important to note that our sample size has been subject to changes as more water works were inspected and found to be inactive or undersized.

Although the deadline has passed, we continue to conduct checks. We will escalate our enforcement response to those found to be in breach of the metering rules.

metering compliance rate statewide

Barwon, Darling and West

metering compliance rate barwon darling and west

Border Rivers

metering compliance rate border rivers

Far North Coast

metering compliance rate far north coast


metering compliance rate gwydir


metering compliance rate lachlan

Macquarie Bogan

metering compliance rate macquarie bogan


metering compliance rate murray


metering compliance rate murrumbidgee


metering compliance rate namoi