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Certain types of water use approval applications and water management work approval applications need to be advertised in the public domain, according to the Water Management Act 2000 and the Water Management (General) Regulation 2018. This is to allow members of the community to object to the application before a determination is made.

Approval applications that need to be advertised appear as public notices on NRAR's website, and in the following places:

  • A newspaper or website read by the community where the proposed water work or water use is located
  • A publication circulating in Aboriginal communities – usually the Koori Mail.

The advertised applications describe the type of approval being applied for, the location, the water source or floodplain management plan area involved, the applicant’s name, and, if it is for a water management work, how it would be used. The ad also says how to object and the deadline.

About half of all applications need to be advertised, with the closing date being 28 days after the first date of publication, if advertised in multiple publications. The closing date can be looked up on the table on this page.

NRAR considers the issues raised in all valid objections submitted by the community and tries to resolve them. We also let all objectors know the outcome.

For details on which applications need to be advertised and those which don’t, see the relevant legislation.

Current notices

Notices Date first published Closing date for objection period
There are currently no notices.--