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Quarterly compliance reports

Regional compliance breakdown

Our compliance and enforcement activities in the three months October to December 2022 have confirmed that offences related to taking too much water or not having a compliant water meter remain a common issue dealt with by NRAR.

Water metering and irrigated agriculture are important regulatory priorities for NRAR in this fiscal year and we will continue to focus on these and other key issues.

We continue to work proactively to help water users comply with the water law and to protect water resources for the benefit of communities, culture, the environment and industry.

Statewide statistics for the fourth quarter of 2022 included:

  • 766 property inspections, including 89 desktop audits and 677 visits
  • 34 enforcement actions, including 7 penalty infringement notices, 19 formal warnings, 8 directions to carry out remedial work, stop work orders and enforceable undertakings
  • 399 investigations finalised
  • 7 active prosecutions in court.

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