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Water metering

New metering rules are being rolled out by the NSW Government to better measure water take in the state, make water use fairer, and build community confidence in water management.

The new rules, called the non-urban water metering framework, are being rolled out in stages until December 2023 to ensure all water users have enough time to comply.

The new rules apply to water supply works (such as pumps) which take water from regulated rivers, unregulated rivers and groundwater systems under a licence, where the take can be measured with a meter.

The new metering rules provide clear guidance on your responsibilities regarding metering and reporting water use, and when fully implemented, will significantly improve the standard and number of water meters in rural NSW.

The new rule framework considered what the community wanted, what the economic impact would be on water users, and what the most cost-effective technology was for the job.

Once fully implemented in December 2023, the metering rules will be consistent and streamlined across NSW, replacing the current requirements which vary for each water sharing plan area.

A guide which outlines everything you need to know about the new metering rules can be found in the ‘Guidelines for water metering’ section below.

NSW Metering Guidance Tool

Use this tool to determine if you are required to comply with the current metering framework.

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Water metering in NSW

Information on NSW’s non-urban water metering policy


Guidelines for water metering

Here you will find a summary of the key points of the new water metering rules and the actions you need to take.


Metering compliance state of play: 2020 group

Here you will find information about the metering compliance state of play among the 2020 group including a geo-breakdown of compliance

Metering results

Compliance approach: 2021 group

Here you will find information about NRAR’s approach to monitoring compliance rates within the 2021 group

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