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How to comply

If you are a water user, it is your responsibility to make sure you follow the rules about taking, using and managing water.

NRAR will work with you to ensure you have all the information you need to understand how to become and remain compliant.

If you have a licence or approval to take water or undertake works near a water source, it is important you understand your responsibilities before you undertake any works or take any water.

In this section, you will find information about how to comply with water take and management rules.

Water metering

Find information about how to comply with the new metering rules.

Fact sheets and FAQs

Find answers to our most frequently asked questions about compliance.

What to expect if NRAR contacts me

NRAR can contact you for different reasons and we will always explain clearly why we are getting in touch or visiting your property.

E-tools to help yourself

Our user friendly e-tool helps you understand water-use obligations and makes complying with water laws easier.

Bore extraction limits

A bore extraction limit is the maximum amount of water you are approved to take using a bore from a groundwater source. Do you know your

Floodplain harvesting

The water regulator’s compliance approach floodplain harvesting.

Irrigated agriculture

Irrigated agriculture accounts for about 80 per cent of water take in NSW. Ensuring compliance in this area is a high priority for the

Overdrawn accounts

Overdrawn accounts are one of the Natural Resources Access Regulator's (NRAR) four regulatory priorities and we’re monitoring compliance