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Metering compliance reports

Map of NSW showing the metering deadlines for the three different regions

The new metering rules

NRAR is responsible for monitoring and enforcing compliance with the new metering rules.

The new metering rules are being rolled out in stages by the NSW Government to better measure water take in the state, make water use fairer, and to build community confidence in water management.

For more information about your compliance date visit the department’s website.

Metering compliance state of play: 2020 group

Here you will find information about the metering compliance state of play among the 2020 group including a geo-breakdown of compliance

Metering results

Compliance approach: 2021 group

Here you will find information about NRAR’s approach to monitoring compliance rates within the 2021 group

investigators and farmer on riverbank

Do you need to comply?

The new rules apply to water supply works, such as pumps, that can be fitted with a meter and are licensed to take water from rivers and groundwater systems.

The rules are being rolled out in stages but if you are captured by the new metering rules and you are installing a new or replacement meter–your new meter must be compliant, regardless of your rollout date.

Check the rules and meter your supply