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What to expect if NRAR contacts me

What to expect if NRAR contacts me

NRAR compliance officers routinely undertake monitoring and auditing of water users’ activities. This includes inspecting properties to assess if a water user is compliant with the terms of their licence and the water laws, so you may well receive a visit from us at some stage.

If our officers visit your property it doesn’t necessarily mean you have done anything wrong, or are suspected of doing so. Our routine monitoring campaigns are often proactive efforts to find out how compliant water users are in a certain area. While there we will talk with you and discuss any issues you may have, as part of improving and encouraging your compliance with the laws.

If you’re approached by our officers, they will always clearly explain the purpose of their visit and what they need from you. They will show you respect and courtesy and we ask that you do the same and provide them with the access and information they need to fulfil their duties.