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Reports and registers

NRAR was created to return focus to water law compliance in NSW. We have delivered, and will continue to deliver, a fair, transparent and enforceable water law compliance system to protect our waterways and prevent water theft. We have achieved this through targeted investigations, monitoring and auditing.

NRAR also uses reports by experts on the issues affecting the NSW water sector to plan these activities. These reports are available publicly as they offer water users insight into why we prioritise certain activities.

We also publish annual progress reports to keep water users up to date on our activities and achievements in protecting water rights and allocations for our communities and the environment. In addition, we publish monthly compliance reports, which detail the areas we have inspected, and what actions we have taken there.

Progress reports

Read more on our annual achievements to date.


Compliance and enforcement reports and tools

Here you will find reports on NRAR’s activities and information we use to do our work, like expert reports.


Public notices

A list of current works approval applications, including information on how to object.


Public register  

As part of providing transparent and accountable enforcement of NSW water laws, NRAR publishes the details of its enforcement actions here.

public register

Quarterly compliance reports

A snapshot of our activities by region and local government area in the last quarter.