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Natural Resources
Access Regulator

NRAR is responsible for the enforcement of water laws in NSW through monitoring compliance and education.

Who we are

NRAR is an independent water regulator which oversees the enforcement of water management laws in NSW.

What we do

NRAR upholds NSW water laws by helping people to comply voluntarily and through enforcement when rules are broken.

How we ensure compliance

NRAR is a risk-based regulator which means we approach investigations on a case-by-case basis. Find how we ensure compliance here.

Report suspicious activities

Make a safe, confidential and secure report to NRAR about a suspicious activity.

Our regulatory priorities

Learn more about how and where we focus our efforts to ensure our water laws are followed.

Investigation and enforcement

NRAR’s Investigation and Enforcement teams deal with the more serious cases of alleged non-compliance with the water laws.

Helping people comply

NRAR is committed to helping people comply with water laws because we know most people want to do the right thing.


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Study water compliance online

Our self-paced e-learning course is designed to develop your understanding of water regulation.

Water metering

Find information about how to comply with the new metering rules.

Water metering

Upcoming events

NRAR meets and consults with NSW water users on a regular basis. Find an upcoming event near you.

Upcoming Events

2019-2022 compliance dashboard

A snapshot of our compliance and enforcement activities during the past quarter


How we respond to breaches of the law

Learn about how NRAR responds when water laws are breached.

How we respond to breaches of the law

Progress reports

We have released our 5th annual progress report. This edition contains regional water compliance snapshots of the whole of NSW. Read the


The value of water to our Aboriginal communities

Find out what water means to Aboriginal people and communities in NSW.