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What we do

Helping people comply

NRAR is committed to helping people comply with water laws because we know most people want to do the right thing. We aim always to listen, acknowledge different perspectives, and encourage a two-way relationship.

NRAR meets and talks with members of the NSW community. We want to make sure people understand the rules and why we have them. This is important for communities, the environment, culture, and industry.

Some of the ways we connect with the people of NSW include the following:

  • at field days, visitors can ask about metering, constructing bores, and working on waterfront land, among other topics.
  • industry conferences where we build relationships with key water user groups
  • other events, including roadshows and customer advisory group meetings.

How we talk with the community

NRAR's stakeholders are the people and groups that could affect water use in NSW. They may also be affected by our activities. Below, you will find how we engage with them and the broader community.

NRAR is committed to engaging with our stakeholders and the community in a manner that is:

  • open and transparent. This is important to protect the integrity of NRAR's work and
  • encourage trust and genuine engagement.
  • respectful and attentive. We value our stakeholders' perspectives and strive for open communication with them.
  • responsible and timely. We consider every interaction with our stakeholders important. We will always try to respond to any questions or requests quickly.

NRAR's stakeholder strategy aims to inform, consult, involve, collaborate, and empower them. This aligns with the rules set by the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2).

Download NRAR's stakeholder engagement strategy

Guidance and advice

NSW water laws can be complex and challenging to understand. NRAR knows most people want to do the right thing

Our staff work directly with people at educational events and sessions to help them understand the laws and how to comply.

Field staff visit landholders to do inspections. However, they also start conversations, share knowledge and provide the right information at the right time.

Water user groups are invited to contact our education team to discuss options for education sessions or materials.

Creative collaboration

NSW has over 38,000 water access licenses. NRAR has approximately two hundred staff at NRAR. We are always finding new ways to encourage voluntary compliance. We work with other groups to spread our messages, learn about water users' needs, and find education gaps.

Our education team is working with essential water and agricultural organisations. We are teaching them about water laws so they can share that knowledge with others. We also work with key educational institutions like TAFE NSW. Relevant courses can include water law education in the curriculum.

Upcoming events

NRAR meets and consults with NSW water users on a regular basis. Find an upcoming event near you.

Upcoming Events

Community surveys

Read the results of our first community survey to understand how water users regarded water law enforcement in NSW.

Benchmarking survey

Proactive outreach program

Here you will find information on NRAR's Outreach Program and how it helps water users to understand and comply with the water rules.

Outreach Visit