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Protecting our water sources is one of the most important jobs in NSW.

Water brings communities together, keeps industries moving and sustains life. It has significant cultural and environmental value. In 2023, the estimated market value exceeds $41 billion.

We strive to be an efficient and effective regulator. We also celebrate and reflect the diversity of the community we serve. Working with NRAR provides a chance to work with a group of passionate, like-minded people. Together, you can protect our water and make a difference.

Hear from a range of our staff about their experiences, and the advice they have for anyone thinking of applying for a role.

Why work for NRAR?

  • A role with NRAR is an exciting opportunity to grow your career in the public sector.
  • We offer opportunities and pathways to develop your skills. These include formal certifications, on-the-job training, and a variety of courses.
  • With offices across NSW and flexible work arrangements, enjoy a working life that’s compatible with your real life.
  • Regulators need to be as diverse as the communities they represent. We’re committed to building a workplace that’s suitable for you, whatever your needs.
  • We are proud to have Aboriginal cultural and spiritual water values as an enduring priority. Our work in this space is guided by Phil Duncan, a Gomeroi man and board member. We also get guidance from our Aboriginal Support Network (ASN) and engage with Aboriginal communities across NSW.
  • Our workplace strives to be kind, inclusive, daring, and creative. We also aim to be collaborative and always act with integrity. That's the NRAR way.