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About NRAR

What we do

NRAR enforces the NSW water laws while offering guidance and education to help water users in NSW comply. We also receive reports from the public and government bodies of alleged breaches of water law which we assess to determine if a detailed investigation is required. We also use these reports to help determine whether inspection campaigns are needed in particular regions.

Learn more about the teams that work together to protect NSW water resources.

Looking for licences and approvals?

The Department of Planning and Environment - Water is now responsible for controlled activity approvals, works on waterfront land and licences and approvals for large water users. All other licences and approvals continue to be managed by WaterNSW.

Monitoring and audit

NRAR’s Monitoring and Audit officers undertake compliance monitoring and audit activities and educate water users on how to be compliant.

Routine monitoring

In late 2020 NRAR employed 30 more compliance officers for a 12-month program to get a snapshot of water law compliance in NSW.

Investigation and enforcement

NRAR’s Investigation and Enforcement teams deal with the more serious cases of alleged non-compliance with the water laws.

The NRAR service charter outlines our commitments to transparency and accountability and some of our timeframes.

Download the service charter.

Talking with the community

We meet with water users, industry bodies and the public on a regular basis to inform, consult and collaborate with them.

Talking with the community

NRAR Strategic Plan 2021-23

The strategic plan will guide us to 2023 and help our teams continue to do their best work.


Community surveys

Read the results of our first community survey to understand how water users regarded water law enforcement in NSW.

Benchmarking survey

See how we are tracking against the service charter in this progress report

Download the service charter: progress report