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About the course

Our self-paced e-learning course is designed to develop your understanding of water regulation. Understanding and complying with NSW water laws helps protect our resources and ensures communities and the environment get a fair share.

NRAR's Education team has developed the course in partnership with TAFE NSW.

Who can do the course?

The course is targeted at primary producers and rural landholders. This includes small acreage/hobby farmers and rural industries. However, anyone interested in understanding NSW water laws and regulations is welcome to enrol in the course.

There are no prior learning or prerequisite requirements.

Course fees

There is no cost. All online e-Learning modules are free.

Course content

The course has 3 mandatory modules and 5 elective modules. It also includes a 'decision tree' e-tool. The e-tool helps you choose which of the five elective modules is best suited for you.

Mandatory modules 

These compulsory modules set the foundations of what you need to know.

E-tool component

The e-tool component is a decision tree that will direct you to the elective modules that best benefit your water compliance knowledge.

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Elective modules

You can choose to access any or all of these modules.