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Report suspicious activities

Report suspicious activity

Use the form below to make a confidential report about suspicious water activities to the Natural Resources Access Regulator (NRAR).

Try to complete this form as soon as possible after you observe the suspicious activity.

Important information

Your report is important to NRAR’s work regulating water use in NSW. The time you have taken to do so is appreciated. Please allow around 10 minutes to provide as much specific and detailed information as you can concerning the suspicious activity you witnessed.

Answering questions

To help us assess your report and determine appropriate investigation processes, provide as many details about the suspicious activity as possible. This will help NRAR identify whether an offence has occurred and determine the nature and priority of any breach. Insufficient supporting information may limit NRAR’s ability to respond. Photos and videos of a suspicious activity are very useful. Please note that:

  • questions marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory—this means you must answer these questions in order to submit the form. If you don't answer a mandatory question, an error message will appear
  • you cannot save this form and return to it later, so you will need to complete it in one session.

After you submit a report

  • Your report will be sent to our water compliance hotline for assessment. We will review your report within 10 working days.
  • If you provide contact details, we will acknowledge receipt of your report, and may contact you for more information to assist us. We will advise you of the outcome of NRAR's review of your report and the completion of any  investigation.
  • For more information about what happens when you make a report, read our Compliance with water legislation guidelines (PDF, 415.97 KB)

While NRAR will review every report of suspicious activity made, your information may not always lead to an NRAR officer going out to investigate. Regardless of this assessment, all reports made and the information you provide are recorded, and contribute to NRAR’s broader compliance activities.

Read our privacy statement

The information in this form is being collected for the purposes of recording and investigating reports of illegal water activities in NSW. NRAR will only use the information for the purposes stated. All information you provide to NRAR will be treated as confidential, held securely and managed in accordance with provisions under the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998. The personal information you provide on this form is subject to the Act, under which you have rights and obligations. NRAR will not disclose your personal information without your consent unless authorised by law.

Before lodging your submission you will be asked to confirm that you have read the department's privacy statement.

Your details or the witness' details

Note: It is NRAR’s policy not to provide your name and contact details to any other person or organisation without your consent unless authorised by law. It is important that contact details are provided to enable NRAR officers to contact you for additional information to enable us to respond appropriately to your report.

NOTE: By reporting anonymously, NRAR will not be able to contact you to:

  • confirm we received your report
  • seek more information if we need it
  • inform you of the outcome of our assessment or any action taken as a result of your report.

If we cannot contact you if we need more information, NRAR may not be able to action your report.

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