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NRAR's policies and guidelines

To obtain an overall view of what NRAR does, see the About NRAR fact sheet. Below you will find the policies and guidelines that govern how we conduct our work.

Policies and guidelines

Quality Policy Statement

NRAR’s quality policy states we will develop and maintain a quality management system in accordance with AS/NZSICO9001:2016.

Regulatory policy

Our regulatory policy sets out the principles that determine how we employ regulatory measures to ensure water is used lawfully in NSW.

Compliance activity revenue management policy

Our compliance activity revenue management policy outlines how we manage revenue generated from NRAR compliance activities.

Water metering framework

The NSW Government released a new metering framework of rules for non-urban water meters in NSW on 1 December 2018.

Enforceable undertaking guidelines

An enforceable undertaking is a voluntary but legally binding alternative to court action.

Prosecution guidelines

NRAR’s Prosecution guidelines explain & guide the approach we take in determining the appropriate response to serious breaches of water

Guidelines for reporting breaches of water laws

NRAR has written guidelines on reporting an alleged breach of water laws so those reporting have a clear idea of the process.

Social media community guidelines

These guidelines apply to those visiting and interacting with NRAR’s social media accounts