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NRAR Strategic Plan 2021-23

NRAR has embraced the mandate we received to win back the public’s confidence in water regulation. Now, we are three years along, more self-assured and well on our way to becoming a mature, modern regulator. We recognise the work we must still do to encourage behavioural change in water users, which we are working on to help us become a best practice regulator.

A clear statement of purpose

The strategic plan is a clear statement of our purpose, strategic goals and priority actions that will enable our team to do their best work. It also lets the public know why we are here, what we do and the future we are working towards.

This plan will be our guide through the hard decisions ahead and will ensure we remain focused on our commitments and goals.

Download the NRAR strategic plan for more information about these goals: NRAR strategic plan 2021-23.

Or, to hear our Chief Regulatory Officer, Grant Barnes, speak about them, watch the following video:

Our targets

We have made a firm commitment to be future focused, confident and collaborative in the next phase of our growth. In the next three years we want to:

  • increase voluntary compliance
  • embrace learning and innovation to develop and improve our actions and results
  • use data intelligently to increase our reach and impact
  • engage effectively with stakeholders to promote transparency and accountability
  • become a leading regulator.

NRAR strategic plan 2021-23

Download the plan